[Tweeters] Green morph pine siskin?

Rick Tyler rhtyler at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 13:33:34 PDT 2015

Hello Tweeters,

First, I am extremely remiss in thanking all the folks that helped me pick
out a new spotting scope a couple of months ago. Thank you SO much. I must
have had 30 emails with good (although sometimes conflicting :) ) advice. I
ended up with the 66mm Kowa with a Manfrotto tripod and head, and I love
them. Following one bit of good advice, I picked up the 30x wide-angle
eyepiece instead of the zoom and it is also great. I forgot how much time I
spent panning side-to-side with my old scope. I lose a little
magnification, but I haven't missed it so far.

Do My Bird Identification Homework for Me

The topic for today, though is a little mystery bird in my garden. I think
that this might be a juvenile green morph pine siskin. The head is more
intensely yellow than it shows in the pics, and there is very little yellow
on the wings. The bird appears to be a little bigger than "normal" siskins,
but nothing else seems to fit. You can see the pictures here:

Of course, I could be completely wrong, although I've been through four
birding guides and the Internet. What is this bird? Thanks!

Rick Tyler
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