[Tweeters] Hummingbirds - Reton

Nancy sday13 at comcast.net
Wed Jul 8 12:21:20 PDT 2015

I agree that it might be too hot for them. I've noticed one of my hummers has discovered he can sit on the close-by chain of a hanging plant, it eats and eats, twice as much as before I turned the little feeder around.

Another thing. I've been concerned about cleaning the (red) base of the big feeder. This morning I filled both pieces of the feeder with warm water and dropped 1/2 pieces of an effervescent denture cleaner in, let it fizz for 30 minutes and then quad rinsed them before filling. The clear glass part was shiny clean, I'm assuming the base is too.

I'm going to send photos to my Flickr now. www.flickr.com/nobleday

Nancy, just east of Renton golf course
sday13 at Comcast dot net

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