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Mike strix.nebulosa1987 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 23:17:02 PDT 2015

George and Tweeters,

I know many folks on Tweeters know where the refuge is but many may not. I
do have a location map but I am not aware of any way to add pictures to
Tweeters posts. So I will say this Little Pend Oreille is a 42,000 acre
National Wildlife Refuge in the NE corner of the state. The main unit and
offices are 17 miles east of Colville or about 75 miles north of Spokane. We
have several small satellite units across northeast Washington. However,
most are not open to the public do to access issues (they either easements
on private property or completely surrounded by private property). Two of
these are quite nice and accessible to the public. These are at the head of
Deer Lake in southern Stevens County and adjacent to Hwy 20 in Pend Oreille
County. For those who may be interested you can check out our web site at:
http://www.fws.gov/refuge/little_pend_oreille/. For those who are wondering
about it now, yes I do work there. If you are in the Colville area stop by
and check out your refuge. We keep a daily list of birds, mammals, and herps
so feel free to stop by the office and check out what has been seen lately.


From: George Neavoll [mailto:gneavoll at comcast.net]
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To: Mike
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Mike -

This is great. Do you know something that would make it even better? A small
locator map showing where the refuge is. (I know, but I bet many others
don't - or am I just revealing my own ignorance here?)

A monthly checklist is a good idea, in any case.

Thanks for posting.

George Neavoll

S.W. Portland

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