[Tweeters] Shooting Blackbirds-- legal or not??

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Thanks Wayne and Scott for your input on this. The info on migratory bird law supports my understanding of the protections for native non-game birds. I have not gone to see the Caracara, mainly because my schedule and family responsibilities have kept me from it. I do believe that as long as nobody trespasses and they behave ethically there is no reason to stay away. If I find myself in the vicinity with some free time I would certainly have a look. But that seems unlikely unless the bird has taken up permanent residence.
On the topic of relocating the bird, I would certainly support that if it seems the bird may be in danger from any of the locals who find birders annoying.

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Wayne Weber <contopus at telus.net> wrote:

>Scott and Tweeters,


>Just as a point of fact, most (perhaps all) species of blackbirds ARE NOT

>protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. They were excluded from the

>treaty when it was signed between the U.S. and Canada, for the very good

>reason that several blackbird species are often responsible for serious crop



>HOWEVER-- most species of native birds which are not protected under the

>Migratory Bird Treaty Act are protected under state legislation in the U.S.,

>or provincial legislation in Canada. I'm sure that blackbirds are protected

>under state legislation in WA, but I'm also sure that blackbirds (and some

>other bird species) can be killed when and where they are causing

>significant crop damage. The sticker is that anyone planning to kill them

>would need at least a permit from the state to kill them. So, Scott is

>correct that people cannot kill them without a permit, but incorrect to say

>that they are protected by the MBTA.


>In British Columbia, whose laws I am more familiar with than those of

>Washington, there are only 6 species of birds which can be killed at any

>time without a permit, none of which is a blackbird. The list is: American

>Crow, Northwestern Crow, Black-billed Magpie, House Sparrow, Rock Pigeon,

>and European Starling. I suspect that the situation is somewhat similar in

>Washington, but it would be helpful if someone who works for the state could

>provide the relevant information for WA.


>Wayne C. Weber

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>An opinion on my end. People should practice good ethical behavior while

>viewing, but it seems that has been the case for the caracara. I am a firm

>believer that sometimes we are a bit too meek in our actions. That makes us

>a nice group to get along with but also allows us to be pushed around. If we

>were to worry about our viewing upsetting other people, we would stay away

>from many areas where hunters, land owners and others are annoyed by

>birders. Many groups are annoying and I doubt they just go away so quickly.

>Perhaps I'm missing something but I fail to see how standing quietly along a

>public road is disturbing the bird any more than groups of birders disturb

>birds at birding festivals, field trips etc..


>The homeowners I chatted with couldn't have been more thrilled to have us,

>even offering to let us use their yard. It seems the real issue is an odd

>landowner and we should try to not make the situation more strained than it

>is already, but to suggest that birders are the cause of this isn't based in

>fact from what I've seen posted.


>As for the poster who mentioned the landowner could shoot the blackbird, no

>they can't. Most native birds are protected under MBTA and it is illegal to

>shoot them.


>Scott Downes

>Downess at charter.net

>Yakima Wa





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