[Tweeters] Caracara

Patricia Quyle Grainger paq at olypen.com
Tue Jul 7 21:55:35 PDT 2015

I have read the discussion over the past few days about the Caracara, and I vote the bird should be left alone. I have not gone to see it, although I've been tempted, but I don't usually chase after vagrants. This bird seems healthy and content in its habitat, so let it be. I completely trust Bud Anderson, and in no way doubt his good intentions, but why relocate the Caracara? It would be interesting to track its migration, but at what cost? Human intervention can be too costly to wildlife, and we serve them better by letting them live by their own instincts. Just my thoughts...

Pat Grainger
Port Townsend
paq at olypen.com

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