[Tweeters] CRCA and birding ethics

wong chupaflor at igc.org
Tue Jul 7 15:44:44 PDT 2015

Interesting discussion here regarding the Caracara.

I'm reminded of the ABA Code of Birding Ethics, "1(c)Before advertising the presence of a rare bird, evaluate the potential for disturbance to the bird, its surroundings, and other people in the area, and proceed only if access can be controlled, disturbance minimized, and permission has been obtained fro private land-owners."
Also, number 2 in the code speaks to the rights of others. In 2(c) there is mention of common courtesy with other people.

I believe that most of us practice ethical birding. I also understand that in our excitement over a rare sighting, we can at times overlook the bigger picture regarding the birds, the environment, and any possible disturbance to others.

I don't plan to look for the Caracara, and I personally vote for leaving it where it is.

My appreciation to those who have tried to develop a positive relationship with the land owner involved.

good birding to all,
isadora wong
seattle, wa
chupaflor at igc.org

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