: [Tweeters] Caracara yesterday

Sammy Catiis hikersammy at msn.com
Tue Jul 7 08:30:02 PDT 2015

I was not going to get into this debate, but I think just like the bears in the neighborhood or anything else.. WE are the problem. It's pretty easy for a solution really.. just stop going. Leave it alone. If you have seen it once, that's enough.. you don't need to keep returning every day. If you leave it alone, perhaps, like a lot of people here have said, it will come back next year.. maybe with much more. He might have indeed found a bit of paradise.. and wouldn't it be nice to see it come back next year? Why on earth would you move a bird and tag it for your own benefit.. the bird chose to be there.. he knows where he is.. and he is healthy. Leave it alone and there will be no more problems.

With my Lucistic Blackbird, the owner of the farm said clearly, if people show up to watch this thing, he'll just shoot it, end of story. He has a right to shoot it, on his farm, eating his grain and people disturbing his cattle in the process.. I just assured him it would stay between the person who brought me out to ID it and him.. and that was it.. nobody else. It's not about staying quiet so I'm the lucky one.. it's about respect. I live in the woods and the edge of forest land most my life and would never want a grove of people day after day.. they litter, their noisy and they bother the peace of the area.

Think of all you do when you are there.. are you helping that bird feel welcome? Are you creating a better habitat? Seems to me more people just want to look, photo and chase the bird. I would love to go see it.. but I would never add to the circus. Just sayin. I with a few friends and DFW officers policed Eide during the Long Eared Owl phase..(yet there are many LEO in the area) and so many returned and returned and returned.. over and over and encroached the whole bit.. so I know exactly what is happening at the site of the Caracara. We successfully ticketed 9 people.. and almost closed off the area.. super sad. Be an advocate.. leave it alone.

My 2 cents..

Sammy Catiis

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