[Tweeters] my final caracara opinion

MT Tomboulian at comcast.net
Mon Jul 6 22:59:24 PDT 2015

When there is a wild animal/human interaction problem on the urban/wilderness interface, usually the problem animal is trapped and removed. In this case it is not the caracara

If the bird is going to be trapped and relocated, should it be removed to the east side of the mountains, for that’s where I believe it came from, and hope that with plenty of open land ripe with snakes and so forth and the current strong winds coming from Canada maybe it will find an airstream and go back to it’s normal range? Or maybe not, maybe arid man-made openings in the maritime forest are a perfect new habitat for this species. Maybe it accidentally found a honey-hole and intends to tell its friends to come on over. Nene geese on Hawaii are the result of vagrant Canada geese.. The slaty-backed gull keeps coming back to Tacoma. Hershel the sea lion couldn’t be kept from the Chittenden locks...

So I guess instead of letting this animal find it’s own way, and see what the future brings, we are going to interfere, confuse it and burden it with electronics, hope to get a little info as a scientific Hail Mary pass, and apparently one person’s craziness is the cause. Kinda sucks.

Hopefully next year’s Bramblings, wheatears, and Eurasian hobbies are lucky enough to not touch down in a crazy gun-toting person’s yard or we’ll be doing this all over again.

Mark Tomboulian

tomboulian at comcast dot net

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