[Tweeters] Caracara in danger?

Andrew McCormick andy_mcc at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 6 22:16:44 PDT 2015

Hello Tweets,

I hope my input will be objective. I have not been up to see the bird and for a variety of reasons - work, family responsibilities, leaving town on Saturday - probably will not go. I have had a property owner be angry about birders in the past, but think that if we birders keep our distance the owners usually calm down. Most of us birders are very respectful of property owners and do try to educate people who don't understand the passion of birding, but acting to defuse the situation may mean a strategic retreat. The safety of the bird is more important than our rights. It sounds like there may have been one or two incidents, but it also sounds that most birders have been able to see the caracara without being verbally abused or threatened. I agree with notifying WDFW about the bird and the homeowners threats, but, so far at least and as best I can determine from the posts, he has not attempted to harm the bird. So, it seems the bird is not in immediate danger. So, I would vote to leave the bird alone.
I'm surprised Bud, that your permit would allow you to capture the caracara. I admit I don't really know the scope of your work. I'm wondering about the risk of an attempted capture. You have admitted that even with your considerable skill and experience, catching them can be difficult and I wonder if it is possible the bird could be in more danger of injury from an attempted capture, than from the homeowner who has only spouted off a bit. This is not to diminish your ability, but I'm asking that we do what's best for the bird, and I'm not convinced it needs to be captured to protect it. I think Bud, as a raptor expert, could talk to the man in hopes of educating him. I would also support a collection to help pay the owner for lost chickens and inconvenience. We have left bird seed and suet for other homeowners, who in the past have allowed birders on their property to view a rare bird. Thanks for letting me express my thoughts as an interested by distant party. Andy McCormickBellevue, WA

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