[Tweeters] The Precarious Cara Cara situation

Nina Bohn ninabohn at comcast.net
Mon Jul 6 19:41:58 PDT 2015

Having followed the story for the past few days, seeing differing opinions expressed and some very good points made on both sides, it seems like Bud's solution is a good one. Anyone familiar with his work will agree that he has the best interests of the bird at heart and admittedly, sees an excellent opportunity for some Cara Cara research. I, for one, would love to know where the bird goes after it leaves here, not only next month but possibly years from now. Whenever I see a tagged raptor, I always report it and there is always something interesting to be learned, especially if it's Buds. Personally, I see this as an opportunity to not only possibly save this bird from the angry farmer but to learn about it as well. Also, those who were threatened should definitely report it to the authorities. Who knows what may happen in the interim. Just my $0.02.

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