[Tweeters] Caracara discussion with WDFW

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Mon Jul 6 17:48:41 PDT 2015

Hi tweets,
I saw that Chris Anderson at WDFW had posted his email on Tweeters this afternoon about the Caracara concerns and notification to the WDFW and USFWS enforcement agencies.  Chris was notified by others in the birding community about the concerns of regarding the bird and birding community.  I provided Chris with the details of our encounter and the location of the homeowner so they can make contact with them.
Chis said these agencies will contact the homeowner to ensure protection of the Caracara and safety for all parties involved.  I hope their discussion will help him understand what his rights are as a homeowner and what our rights to observe this or any other wildlife should they choose the spend time on someone's private land.  I believe it will.  
I had mentioned to Chris about Bud Anderson's proposal to help tag and relocate the bird.  Chris knows Bud well and will let Bud make the decision to follow the approval processes to ensure the birds safety.  I have only had a brief discussion with Bud at the Edmonds marsh a couple of years ago, so I cannot provide my opinion about his knowledge and expertise on this type of bird.   The responses to Bud's proposal shows that many in the community respect his thoughts about this situation and are willing to help.   I am still on the fence about relocating him will not create other issues or the potential for the bird to find a location similar where the food source is private property.   Tagging or a transmitter would be really be interesting to follow where the bird decides to go next.  I am just a novice birder and will support whatever decision is made.  I am willing to help out with funding and would like to help with the relocation process if this happens.
Chris McNally
Lake Stevens, WA
mcpoodle2 at comcast.net

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