[Tweeters] Caracara in danger?

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Not that it needs any more support, but I’m entirely in favor of Bud’s idea.

Dennis Paulson

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> Sounds like a reasonable fear.


> I think as bird people, we often forget that much of the rest of the world

> does not share our interest, passion and curiosity for the avian part of

> life. And many people out there still have a difficult time understanding

> that passion.


> This guy is apparently one of them. But I think that we also have to

> respect that he probably lives out there to get away from people, perhaps

> strangers in particular. Like us.


> So, if I may be so bold, I would advise people to be extremely respectful

> towards him. No one wins in a conflict like this, but there is a good

> chance the bird could lose.


> As far as a suggested solution, here is a proposal for all Tweeterdom to

> consider.


> I can go there, talk to the guy, attempt to capture the bird (they can be

> very difficult to catch), re-locate it and put a transmitter on it so it

> can still be followed. We could release it somewhere safer and away from

> potential conflict. Perhaps here on the Skagit or in a similar habitat.


> Now I expect that this proposal is going to start a firestorm here on

> Tweeters and I can understand why. Some probably think it is really a dumb

> idea to put this out there at all.


> We'll see.


> Opportunistic? Yes, admittedly. So we can get that one out of the way right

> now.


> I had considered doing this earlier because I am really interested to see

> where this bird ultimately goes once he moves on. Great opportunity for

> some basic raptor research. No one has ever tagged a "wandering" Caracara

> before. We don't know what it is going to do. Stay? Go north? Go south?


> But, frankly, I didn't want to offend people and start a big controversy so

> I passed on it. I know that there are many people that want to see it and

> add it to their list.And I respect that.


> However, based on the latest reports, I am re-considering. But not without

> some input and comment first.


> So what does everyone think? Let's hear from you. What is the consensus

> from this group?


> And, please, try to keep your responses civil and rational so we can all

> feel free to comment.


> Pretty sure we all share an interest in the welfare of this bird.



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