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> The abundance of VIRGINIA RAILS at Ridgefield NWR reported recently by Jack Williamson and others continues. At least six adults, two juveniles and 11 black "puff ball" young were on the refuge this morning. One adult with six youngsters in tow were on the roadside canal between North and South Quigley lakes (between Posts #3 and 4). Another adult with five young were running around on the exposed mud between Middle and S. East lakes on the northern part of the Kiwa Trail. At least two dark juveniles also were there, with the remaining adults there and elsewhere along the trail.


> Water levels are very low on the refuge now. This apparently is encouraging the rails to venture more and more from their normal marshy redoubts onto the mud flats.


> They should look out, though: A handsome LONG-TAILED WEASEL ran directly in front of Sabin Belknap and me while we were watching the second group of young birds on the Kiwa Trail.



> S.W. Portland

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