[Tweeters] Caracara/Birders in Danger?

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Sun Jul 5 22:33:00 PDT 2015

Even though my post may have at least contributed
to the start of it, I stayed out of this
conversation to both let emotions settle and to
listen to the wisdom of others. It was NOT easy to
do when this fellow was cursing angrily and
threatening to "get his boys" to take care of us.

MANY good points have been made. I think the most
accurate is that it is unlikely to change the
perspective, attitude, anger of this individual.
He has chosen to be where he is for a reason --- I
am sure birders and birds were not part of that
equation. That said it might still be worth a
try. I have often made a contribution of some
sort (seed, a few dollars, whatever) to people
where I have intersected with them and/or their
property. There can be stress, discomfort etc
when the birding world descends on a property even
though not illegally - to glimpse our coveted
bird. Most often I have found that the property
owner becomes an "owner/participant" in the event,
the bird, the experience and may even proudly
adopt it as "their gift to share". Not always the
case. I do not think it is at all unreasonable to
somewhat assuage the felt imposition by making a
small contribution to the owner or to
someone/something that they approve. He has said
that this bird has eaten some of his chickens.
Maybe, maybe not...but even after his frightening
tirade, I would gladly donate to a "Caracara
Community Fund" if it would help.

When we were there before the tirade, a young man
came up from the river area. He had been fishing
and he and I talked about this shared passion. He
knew something of the bird. Ollie had his scope
on it and let him look through it - he was
impressed by the bird and appreciative of the
inclusion and gesture. He was either related to
the property owner or was close to someone who was
and in any event knew him. He played a helpful
moderating role when the confrontation occurred.
Maybe he would be a good conduit.

Blair Bernson

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