[Tweeters] Caracara

Chris McNally mcpoodle2 at comcast.net
Sun Jul 5 15:00:53 PDT 2015

I plan to contact the WDFW and the Skykomish Ranger District tomorrow morning. I plan inform them about our encounter yesterday morning, comments made by the home owner of the potential harm to the Caracara, options for trapping/tagging and advice to the birding community when they go to this area to look for this bird.

The homeowners approach to the situation was way out of line since we were not on his property, climbing his fence to get a better view or pointing any cameras, scopes or binoculars towards him, his family or house. We were simply looking at a bird walking in his pasture and sitting in his tree preening.

I talked to his wife early Friday morning as I walked down the road about the bird and her approach was to tell me it was seen out by the airfield late Thursday. I went to this area and spent about an hour searching the trees and ground. I came back through town and it flew through the yard of the house down the street and disappeared by the railroad tracks. She was polite, courteous and I thanked her. Her approach was completely civil compared to her husband and son.

I do not want to see this bird not be harmed in any way by the home owner or being pushed by the birding community causing it distress. I would like to see a compromise for all parties involved.

I will repost tomorrow after I have my conversation with them.

Chris McNally
Lake Stevens, WA
mcpoodle2 at comcast.net

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