[Tweeters] Caracara - In danger?

Joshua Glant josh.n.glant at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 23:42:16 PDT 2015

Hello Tweets,

Just now I read this post from birdergirl AKA Melissa on the Birding BC forum:

"Hey guys, some of my friends went down today for the Caracara and got him. It was NOT a pleasant experience however. Even though they were viewing the bird from the road the goat farmer there threatened to shoot them and the bird and was swearing and very angry."

Also, the guy mentioned to me that he thought that the caracara was hanging in his yard because it wanted to go for the chickens (which I'm not so sure would happen, but maybe someone else on Tweeters would know better). Which raises the question: is the caracara in danger if it stays around that pasture?

I don't know quite what anyone could do, and perhaps the fear is misplaced, but I have a bad feeling that it might not be. I can't help but fear a bit for the caracara, a bird that I adore for its uniqueness, confiding nature, calm composure and beauty, not to mention its rarity.

I hope that the farmer attempts nothing drastic! It would be a shame if such a trusting, charismatic bird was hurt or killed just because of where it chose to spend some of its time.

Is there anything that anyone could do to protect the bird if conflict arises?

Worried but still hopeful, Joshua Glant

Mercer Island, WA

Josh.n.glant at gmail.com

PS I know I shouldn't feel responsible, but the guy told me to "NOT tell anyone that the bird is still here". Should I feel as bad as I do? Why does it have to be so complicated?

PPS Hope I didn't put a damper on 4th of July. :( Maybe you'll read this the morning after. :)

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