[Tweeters] Skamania Black And White Warbler ("BAAW")

Tom Mansfield birds at t-mansfield.com
Sat Jul 4 16:46:02 PDT 2015

Hey Tweets - Just an update in case anyone is around the Columbia Gorge. I was at the Saint Cloud wayside on Highway 14 near mile post 30 in Skamania County this morning at the unbelievable (for me getting out the door) hour of 5:30 a.m. OK, so I stayed last night in Washougal so it wasn't really that difficult... The orchard was alive with birdsong this morning but I wasn't hearing the BAAW. It was a cool 68 degrees, calm and no one else around - other than an occasional freight train blasting through . Following the experience of others, I walked around the orchard and just listened. Finally, after about an hour, the BAAW began calling its distinctive call in short bursts at the extreme southwest corner of the orchard, along the Columbia River. I got the worst possible fleeting glimpse as it hopped around the top of a cottonwood and then into an evergreen. After a half hour of quiet, I tried playing the tape to see if it would come in but it didn't. It chipped (at least I think it was the BAWW chip) but did not call. Just before 7 a.m. it sang again for several fairly short bursts from that same area but I could not relocate it in the trees this time. While I was there, I don't think it ventured into the orchard at all.

If you're down that way, there is a small patch of mud at the Washougal STP along Highway 14. There were Least and Western Sandpipers along with a half dozen Killdeer but worth a look from the nice wide shoulder.

Tom Mansfield back home in Seattle.

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