[Tweeters] Where hummers are going after leaving your gardens

Stewart Wechsler ecostewart at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 13:05:43 PDT 2015

In my post earlier about the hummers being free to roam now that the young
have flown the coop, I wasn't thinking much about where hummers might go
after leaving your gardens. I then realized that we are both past the peak
bloom season for most flowers here in the lowlands, where most of your
gardens are, and this unusually dry weather is allowing fewer flowers to
bloom, and shortening bloom times. While one Tweeter suggested they might
want to migrate northward, I'm thinking they may be going up in altitude,
rather than in latitude. Though I haven't made it to the mountains lately
to confirm this suspicion, nor have I heard from those who have studied
this, I'm betting many have moved higher up, into the mountains, where more
bloom times start and finish later, and where it might be a bit cooler and
not quite as dry, with additional water coming from melting snow. There
are probably even more little bugs there to "bug". I don't know how bad
the competition is up there, a factor which could work against crowding
into higher altitude hunting grounds.

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