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I would bet that your hummingbirds' babies have indeed fledged, and the way
I would put it, the adults are now free to roam! They could stay if they
feel like it, or if they are inspired to go to other areas they could do
that instead. If they are Rufus Hummingbirds, they would be free to roam
until migratory urges / instincts drive them on to their winter vacation
routes to California or Mexico. If they are our non-migratory Anna's
hummers, they are free to roam until their reproductive urges / instincts
drive them next year to again court, mate, re-establish a territory, build
a nest and make and raise babies! If you live in a part of the state where
there are more hummingbird species than we have in western WA, there could
be a slight variation in that story. I was recently pleased to see a Rufus
hummer here in West Seattle, after seeing none here for years. I theorize
that this was one of the post reproductive roamers, rather than one now
nesting where I hadn't been seeing them for years.

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> Where might the ten or so hummingbirds that were swarming my feeders a

> month or so ago have gone? I just see one or two now and again. Think their

> babies have fledged so off they all go to other areas? Or are they hanging

> out on their nests waiting for the hatch? A bit stumped about their

> relative disappearance and haven't found any specific info on the internets

> to help me out. I bet you Tweeters can help though!


> Thank you!

> Suzanne

> virgobiker at gmail.com

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