[Tweeters] Marymoor 2 July 2015

B&PBell bellasoc at isomedia.com
Thu Jul 2 19:37:06 PDT 2015

Hi Tweets

Michael is in Paris and then the Czech Republic, and Matt is away, so Sharon
Aagard and I substituted at Marymoor this morning. It is definitely summer,
although it started out at 57 degrees this morning with ground fog . It
burned off quickly and got warm (well 82 degrees hot) by the finish.

It was a good day with lots of juveniles and lots of weird "songs" and

Mom and 3 juvenile Wood Ducks at the lake

3 immature Hooded Mergansers at the rowing club ponds

1 American Bittern heard (really unusual for this time of year)

Osprey at nest and over river

Nesting Red-tailed Hawks have all fledged

A couple of American Coots at the lake (they have been scarce recently)

2 Spotted Sandpipers near the weir

3 Band-tailed Pigeons

Barn Owls - at windmill and later 3 over model airplane field

Common Nighthawk - heard early

Lots of Western Wood-Pewees and Willow Flycatchers

1 Yellow-rumped Warbler

Yellow Warbler

Lazuli Bunting - heard early and seen later

Bullock's Oriole

Misses - Rufous Hummingbird and Steller's Jay

Also seen - bunny, Eastern Gray Squirrel, coyote, Long-tailed Weasel

Brian H. Bell

Woodinville WA

Mail to bell asoc a t iso me dia dot com

Sharon Aagard


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