[Tweeters] Maine - June 2015 - The Short Version - Part II

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Wed Jul 1 21:17:29 PDT 2015

Per my first post, this is a short version of my
write-up of the second part of my trip to Maine
last month. It covers the time on my own after a
very fun organized tour. The long version is full
of details and experiences but is 10 pages - far
too long for tweeters. I am trying to figure out
how to do a decent blog and if I figure it out I
will put that version there. In the meantime if
anyone is interested please email me and I will
send it to you. I also have posted a lot of
photos on Picasa and that link is at the end of
this summary.

After the organized tour I headed to Machias Maine
so I could head out to Machias Seal Island the
following morning out of the tiny Cutler Harbor
with Bold Coast Charters. We had fantastic
weather - dead calm seas - which enabled us to
land on the island (not always possible) where
from blinds you have incredible views of nesting
Atlantic Puffins, Arctic Tens, Razorbills and
Common Murres. They are literally within a few
feet of you in the blinds. A not to be missed
experience with thousands of birds in the seas as
you approach as well as all over the island in
every direction including overhead (be careful of
attacking terns). Also seen were Common Eiders,
Common Terns, a few Northern Gannets, a Spotted
Sandpiper and many Savannah Sparrows. Rarities
have occurred. Afterwards I headed south to the
Scarborough Marsh area south of Portland. A stop
on the way was at the Maine Audubon Headquarters
and refuge at Gilsland Farms in Falmouth, gorgeous
and very birdy. I returned the next day and had
decent looks at the Little Egret that has been
hanging out there.

Scarborough Marsh is another great place, lots of
waders including Glossy Ibis and Little Blue
Heron. A major draw is the presence of both
Nelson's and Saltmarsh Sparrows. Nearby birding
can be good at the Pine Point Marina where on my
5th try I finally had a Roseate Tern. Scarborough
is also a good central location for many other
birding locations including Kennebunk Plains with
great and very different birds including Upland
Sandpiper, Grasshopper, Vesper, and Field
Sparrows, Prairie Warblers, Brown Thrasher,
Eastern Meadowlarks, Bobolinks and many others.
It is also close to Portland itself with good
spots including Capisic Pond (Virginia Rail and
Sora plus Baltimore and Orchard Orioles) and the
lovely Popham Beach north of Portland with nesting
Least Terns and Piping Plovers. My last stop was
at Guinea Road in Kennebunkport which had great
warblers, a Green Heron, Red Bellied Woodpeckers
and Great Crested Flycatchers among others. (A
very short out of Maine stop at Pawtuckaway SP in
NH on my way to Boston gave me my first Louisiana
Waterthrush in almost 40 years!!).

All told the trip in Maine provided 147 species
which included 21 Warblers, 13 Sparrows, 8
Flycatchers, 6 thrushes, 7 woodpeckers and 6 life
birds. More importantly great people and lots of
great memories.

Pictures at

Blair Bernson

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