[Tweeters] Northern Pygmy-Owl

Boise Creek Farm boisecreekfarm at comcast.net
Thu Jan 29 07:43:40 PST 2015

I joke often about not bringing the camera so we will see something cool but pretty much always bring it. Last night i didn't. it was close to 5 and we were headed to town for dinner. we decided to drive up Mud Mountain Road in hopes of seeing the Barred owl that sometimes sets on the power line there. What a wonderful surprise when Gina put the bins on a tiny owl in a tree up the road. We drove closer when it flew to us and landed right next to the car. I did get photos and video on my phone and will be back with the monster lens today. This road has provided several great birding experiences for us and I wont be leaving the camera home for a while. This road is just east of Enumclaw off Hwy 410. The second clear cut from 410 is where we saw the Northern Pygmy-Owl. The barred owl sets more towards the park near the tall trees. There are some nice trails here that follow the river. lots of Varied Thrush in this area.

Bob and Gina Ames
Enumclaw, WA.

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