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Wed Jan 28 10:44:23 PST 2015

Hi Tweeters!

This is a follow up to Jane Hadley's request for volunteers to ground truth
several areas that are included in the upcoming revision to the "Birder's
Guide to Washington". A big thank you to all who volunteered - users of
the book will be forever grateful for your efforts.

We have one final section that needs a volunteer:

The Yakima Training Center (pages 309-313 in the current "Birder's Guide to
Washington") - a high clearance vehicle is recommended based on current
weather conditions

If you can volunteer for this section, we need ground truthing completed by
February 15 but sooner if you can! If you are able to do this, let me know
and the map and text for this area will be forwarded to you.

A few notes about ground truthing:

Ground-truthing involves driving and/or walking the routes as described in
the text and making sure that the descriptions given are accurate. Such
questions as are the place names correct, are the driving directions easy
to follow, are the distances given somewhat accurate (I don't worry about
minor variances since odometers do vary), is the habitat as described.
Among the things that have been discovered during ground-truthing: users
are directed to turn left at US-101 but there's now a "no left turn" sign
there; a campground is called Clover Springs but in fact it's Clover Flats
Campground; users are told to drive 0.4 miles to a state park entrance, but
in fact the distance is 1.8 miles; users are told to turn right onto Canyon
Road, but the road is actually called Canyon Drive; users find that a
Discover Pass is required but the text said nothing about it; the text said
bathrooms were available but they were not, a road is described as gravel,
when now it is asphalt, etc. You don't need to check to make sure that the
birds listed for the region are accurate since the book covers all seasons.

Thanks Tweeters!

Jim Danzenbaker
WOS Board Member
Battle Ground, WA

On Sun, Jan 4, 2015 at 6:12 PM, Jane Hadley <hadleyj1725 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Tweetsters -- I am writing in regard to the revision and update of

> A Birder's Guide to Washington. More than 30 authors have updated and

> revised the more than 60 sections of the original guide.


> As you may know, I put out a call for volunteers in late October to

> "ground truth" these territories. Ground-truthing involves driving or

> walking the routes to make sure that the descriptions are accurate for

> guide users.


> Some 35 folks responded to that call. Some had to be turned away because

> territories they volunteered for were already taken. However, not all

> territories were taken.


> Thus, this is a second call for volunteers to ground-truth territories not

> claimed during the first round. I would like the task to be done by the end

> of January. There may be some parts of these territories that are not

> drivable at this season, so those portions of the routes will have to be

> skipped. The assignment is to complete what can be completed in the given

> road and weather conditions. I also welcome volunteers who ground-truthed

> territories during the first round to re-up for this second round!


> Please contact me at: hadleyj1725 at gmail.com if you are able to volunteer

> for any of the following territories:


> 1. South Coast (Ocean Shores and Aberdeen area, Chehalis River Valley,

> Westport, Tokeland, Willapa Bay, Long Beach Peninsula, Columbia River

> Mouth) NOTE: This is a large territory, so it could be broken up into a

> northern and southern part: Tokeland and south for the southern part, north

> of Tokeland (not including Tokeland) for the northern part.


> 2. Snoqualmie Valley to Everett


> 3. Kittitas Valley (Ellensburg and Kittitas Valley)


> 4. Wenas Creek Loop (Umtanum Road, Wenas Campground, Wenas Valley)


> 5. Cle Elum and Vicinity -


> 6. Yakima to Ellensburg


> 7. Yakima Training Center


> 8. Yakima and Vicinity


> 9. Lower Crab Creek (Vantage Bridge to Beverly, Lower Crab Creek Road,

> Columbia NWR, Othello and Vicinity)


> 10. Waterville Plateau and Bridgeport


> 11. Grand Coulee (Ephrata, WLilson Creek, Lower Grand Coulee, Upper Grand

> Coulee)


> 12. Okanogan Highlands (Tonasket to Molson, Chesaw to Bonaparte Lake,

> Nespelem)


> 13. Columbia to Pend Oreille (Spokane Indian Reservation and Lake Spokane,

> Chewelah to Valley, Little Pend Oreille, Big Meadow Lake, Colville Sewage

> Lagoons)


> 14. Spokane and Vicinity


> 15. The Palouse


> Hats off to Tom Mansfield, Brian Bell, Carol Furry and friend Jean, and

> Randy Robinson for volunteering to ground-truth multiple territories!


> Thank you,


> Jane Hadley


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