[Tweeters] Another Accipiter

Joseph Higbee jvhigbee at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 28 09:14:08 PST 2015

Thanks again for all the responses concerning the identification of the Sharpy. I added a couple important points to my list of things to look at. One really good one was the layering of tail feathers on the underside of the COHA. The difference in length of the feathers is really obvious.

One of the reasons I became confused was because I had seen a Cooper’s Hawk in the yard earlier that morning and was expecting to see it when the SSHA showed up. That’s why I had to set up the ruler to check on the size.

Yesterday, the COHA came back and I was able to get a couple quick shots through the living room window. Then this morning I did the ruler bit again just to be sure. I have added it’s photo to Flickr.


For a good look at the underside of a Cooper’s Hawk, see Doug Shurman’s site:

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