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>From one list to another.

The message below is of particular interest to Tweeters because of the mention of several bird species observed (on just two visits) in this very small natural area (Beacon Hill, Seattle) – which is about to be turned into a mountain bike park.

Bird info is early on in the message. If you would like to get involved, read on to the end. Thanks – Mark

Mark Ahlness

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Fans of the Cheasty forest,

There is a new report out about the wetlands and wild life habitat in the Cheasty forest with lots of good information on current conditions. It is amazing to see how many birds the researchers saw in just two visits during the winter on December 19th, 2014 and January 5, 2015. They should come back during the spring, summer and fall this year during nesting season and do another count.

Here is what the ESA Wetland Reconnaissance and Wildlife Habitat Assessmentsays about the wild life in Cheasty: page 3, paragraph 2.

"The forest and wetland habitats contain a diverse community of trees and shrubs that provide food and shelter for a number of songbirds and woodpeckers, amphibians, and small mammals. Bird species observed during field investigation included Steller’s jay, northern flicker, downy woodpecker, American robin, golden-crowned kinglet, black-capped chickadee, bushtit, Bewick’s and winter wren, song sparrow, and Anna’s hummingbird. Pileated woodpecker excavations were encountered in multiple trees and snags across the greenspace. These bird species are considered common residents in Puget Sound lowlands. Other common species that likely inhabit the greenspace include sharp-shinned hawk, red-breasted nuthatch, dark-eyed junco, hermit thrush, golden-crowned sparrow, American goldfinch, and spotted towhee. Neotropical migrants such as orange-crowned warbler and Swainson’s thrush are likely to breed in the area during spring and summer. No mammals or amphibians were observed during field investigation, but species expected to be present in the greenspace include western gray squirrel, Northern raccoon, Virginia opossum, coyote, Pacific chorus frog, garter snake and potentially deer."

One thing seems clear. There are a lot of critters that call the Cheasty forest home. Cheasty Green Space is not "UNUSED SPACE" as mountain bike park proponents have called it after all! It is a carnival in there!

There are also nine wetlands and potentially two more in need of further study. The Parks department should be talking about a full scale biodiversity and wetland delineation project for the Cheasty green space. Then protect the entire forest as a wildlife sanctuary accessible to all for passive recreation and environmental education.

The bike park project should be cancelled. The health of the Cheasty forest is too precious to risk for a few cheap thrills for the 1% of us who enjoy that particular sport.

Here is the link to the ESA study: <http://www.seattle.gov/parks/projects/cheasty/files/ESA%20Report_Jan2015_final.pdf> http://www.seattle.gov/parks/ projects/cheasty/files/ESA% 20Report_Jan2015_final.pdf


The ESA study should be on the agenda for discussion at the next Cheasty PAT meeting this Thursday, Jan 29, 6 to 9 PM at the Jefferson Park Community Center on Beacon Hill. 3801 Beacon Ave.S. Public comment will be taken during the last hour of the meeting. Speakers usually get two minutes. One if a lot of speakers sign up.

For more information here is a link to save cheasty green space: <http://www.savecheastygreenspace.org/> http://www. savecheastygreenspace.org/

You can also sign a petition to maintain foot traffic policy only in Cheasty Greenspace: <https://www.change.org/p/david-graves-maintain-foot-traffic-only-policy-within-cheasty-greenspace?recruiter=16961991&utm_campaign=mailto_link&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition> https://www.change.org/p/ david-graves-maintain-foot- traffic-only-policy-within- cheasty-greenspace?recruiter= 16961991&utm_campaign=mailto_ link&utm_medium=email&utm_ source=share_petition

Please sign if you agree and send around to friends and neighbors. The wild life in the Cheasty forest needs all the friends and neighbors they can find right now.

Thanks for reading,

Mira Latoszek



Posted by: mira.latoszek at gmail.com


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