Ed Newbold ednewbold1 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 26 21:36:45 PST 2015

  Hi all,This Thursday there's a big meeting that could determine the fate ofthe Cheasty Greenspace, the last remnant of nature left in the geographical center ofSeattle.  At issue is whether it will begiven to the Mountain Bikers to turn into a mud pit or left for the Wilson’sWarblers, Pacific-Slope Flycatchers, Pileated Woodpeckers and Cooper’s Hawks etc,as well as the people of Seattle to enjoy. (In any event a trail will be built.) Please consider coming, I promise a good time will be had byall.  The meeting is at the RainierCommunity Center,  4600 38th Avenue South,(One block East of Rainier South on Alaska, just north of Alaska on 38th)on Thursday, January 29, 2015, this Thursday from 6pm to 9pm.(Lessthan 1% of Seattle is in Park Natural Area.)Hereis the link to Mark Ahlness’s tweeter Jan 15th post on this subject containing aneloquent letter by Denise Dahn of the Seattle Nature Alliance:http://mailman1.u.washington.edu/pipermail/tweeters/2015-January/106847.html We can win this fight, but we’ll need to show the ParksDept. that there are people out here who actually want some Parks along withall the Recreation. PS  A PileatedWoodpecker was in Cheasty on Sunday. Best wishes, Ed Newbold ednewbold1 at yahoo.com   residential Beacon Hill (not very nearCheasty!)

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