[Tweeters] More from Neah Bay

Brad Waggoner wagtail24 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 22:43:20 PST 2015

Hi All,

Just an add-on or two to the winter birds at Neah Bay on my visit late
yesterday afternoon (Saturday) and all of today (Sunday). I did not
succeed in re-finding the Long-eared Owl or any Pine Grosbeaks from
about a week and half ago by Ryan Merrill. I did however have a
SHORT-EARED OWL both yesterday evening and early this morning in the
Waatch River Valley. The ORCHARD ORIOLE is still regular at the feeder
spot. It also spent some time fly-catching and hunkered down in the
blackberry patch across the street from the house. There are also two
Orange-crowned Warbler going to the same hummingbird feeders. This
certainly is a bit of a sign that some of the insectivores (and rare
ones at that) can manage a good chunk of a winter at Neah Bay with a
little help from hummingbird feeders. The HOUSE WREN found by Ryan is
still in the neighborhood to the east of the Coast Guard Station.

Another addition to the Neah Bay rare bird list was a male TUFTED DUCK
in the sewage treatment ponds. There was nearly 200 Lesser Scuap in the
ponds. The TUFTED DUCK was in the back northwest pond with mostly
Ring-necked Ducks. I viewed the ponds from the hillside to the north of
the STP as the gates are closed on the weekends.

Cheers and good birding,
Brad Waggoner

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