[Tweeters] Wenatchee Area Acorn & White-headed Woodpeckers & Bonaparte's Gull

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Sun Jan 25 20:14:56 PST 2015

Hi Tweets & INWBs -

We headed over to the Wenatchee area today to twitch the Cashmere Acorn Woodpecker. It turned out to be an easy one - the bird was in the trees across from the substation at Riverside and Parkhill making lots of noise at 11:45. The light was lousy, but I did get some pics.

From Cashmere, we went on up Highway 2 and Icicle Road to Sleeping Lady, where a very cooperative female White-headed Woodpecker posed for photos.

On the way home, we went up the river as far as Daroga State Park north of Orondo. The road access to the park is closed, but we were able to walk down to the riverside and scope a large flock of mixed waterfowl about 1/3 of the way across the river.

It was an odd mix: Horned Grebes, Ruddy Ducks, American Wigeon, Scaup, and one gull. And they were behaving oddly: the ruddies, scaup and grebes were diving, the wigeon were tipping up, and the gull seemed to be picking something off the surface. Could it have been whitefish spawn?

Anyway, the gull was unusual: Slightly smaller than the Horned Grebes with a black beak, a dark ear spot, a white crown and nape, a gray mantle, black primary tips, and white under wings, which for me works out to Bonaparte's. Not rare bird, but pretty weird for Douglas County at this time of year.

-Roy Myers, Electric City, WA

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