[Tweeters] Red-naped YES

MT Tomboulian at comcast.net
Fri Jan 23 15:45:05 PST 2015

Finally, after grousing about a dozen attempts on this bird this year, the 13th try was the charm. In the arboretum at the same tree as described and staked out before, at 845 am. The new set of sap wells is out in plain view from the trail just a few feet off the ground, not on the back side or up in the branches. She was unperturbed by 2 red-breasted sapsuckers and two squirrels and allowed approach within 5 feet without seeming annoyed.

FYI to my knowledge the Red-naped has only been seen on this Spanish fir, not on the white fir down the trail, although the red-breasted go to both.

Mark Tomboulian

tomboulian AT comcast DOT net

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