SORRY Tweeters ... Re: [Tweeters] PIX --- B-W Warbler

Lyn Topinka pointers at
Thu Jan 22 08:34:28 PST 2015

oops ... sorry, Tweeters ... I'd forgotten I had included Tweeters on
my email and since the Black-and-white Warbler has been on the Oregon
and Portland posts so often I just forgot to include its location in
my last two emails ... the bird is in Milwaukie (Portland), Oregon
... us folks who live in Vancouver or Portland often send out to both
states only we have to be really good at mentioning the city/state
... I just messed up ... hope you enjoyed the images anyways, even if
you didn't know where the bird had been seen ...

happy birding,

Lyn Topinka,

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