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This year along Diagonal Street adjacent to Duwamish River in South Seattle there has consistently been a flock of up to 12 yellow-rumped warblers working the fencelines on both sides of the street. The flock has been there since October. Last year that flock was not there in winter.

WARNING - If you do elect to go birding along Diagonal Street watch your speed. The Federal Protective Service polices that street and does give tickets for exceeding the 10 mph speed limit.

Mike Scuderi
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Dennis and others,

At our new house, I've been surprised to be seeing Yellow-rumpeds consistently throughout the winter. They're out there right now, working my suet feeders, have been all week.

Funny how I just moved a few blocks north within West Seattle, but back by Lincoln Park I rarely saw a Yellow-rumped - only occasionally in summer. Now they're regular yard birds.


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Hello, tweets.

There are at least eight and I suspect more than that Yellow-rumped Warblers in our yard now. They are flitting everywhere, squabbling over the two suet feeders (4 at once on one feeder, reminiscent of Bushtits), and just making a spectacle of themselves. They have been doing so for a couple of hours, so they're not just moving through quickly. Very cool, as I've never seen more than two in the yard at once in 23 years of living here.

And Pine Siskins seem to be increasing every day, from a few a month ago to at least a half-dozen at the feeders regularly. Ain't Mother Nature grand?!


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