[Tweeters] East of the Cascades Saturday Jan. 10 - Tuesday Jan 13

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Mary Anne Rossing and I (George Gerdts) spent the past 4 days east of the
Cascade crest, birding in Cle Elum, Leavenworth, The Waterville Plateau,
Conconully area, and the Okanogan Highlands. The Highlands were nearly
devoid of passerines, although the scant snow coverage seems to have
allowed many Am Kestrels to over winter. Rough-legged Hawks were present
in numbers. The Waterville Plateau was more productive, though we missed
finding any Snow Buntings. Cle Elum harbored 120 Bohemian Waxwings, the
only ones we saw on the tirp, Leavenworth had 50+ Pine Grosbeaks. There
are LOTS of Mt. Ash trees with fruit still on them scattered about in the
"suburbs" of Leavenworth north of US Rt 2. We spent over an hour searching
for the birds before finding them at the intersection of Cherry St. and
Park St. just north of the Lion's Club Park along Rt. 2. They were calling
and quite tame while feeding on the Mt. Ash berries. We totaled 75 species
for the trip, with some quality birds. Highlights:

Jan 10th:
Wild Turkeys: 16 Teanaway Rd out of Cle Elum
Acorn Woodpecker 1 female, in Cashmere at the intersection of Riverfront
and Parkhill
White-headed Woodpecker pair at Suncadia along Coal Mine Rd
Townsend's Solitaire 1 Cle Elum
Bohemian Waxwings 120 Cle Elum

Jan 11th:
Gray Partridge 8 Withrow
Gyrfalcon 1 ad. Gray morph along SR 172 between MP 11-12
Prairie Falcon 2, 1 Withrow, 1 C Rd 2.5 mi. north Mansfield
N. Saw-whet Owl 1 on day roost, Central Ferry Rd

Jan. 12th:
N. Goshawk, 1 imm. along the Conconully Rd opposite Epley Rd near the
Riverside Cutoff
Canyon Wren, 1 along Riverside Cutoff, opposite Johnson Cr. Rd
Sharp-tailed Grouse 5 feeding in Water Birch opposite Hungry Hallow Rd. on
Conconully Rd
Golden Eagle 1 ad. soaring over Conconully
Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch 3 at Nealy Rd feeders
N. Pygmy-Owl 3, 1 at Conconully, 1 at Havillah SnoPark, 1 along Nealy Rd.
near Mary Anne Cr. Rd
Gray Jay 3 at Havillah Snopark

Jan 13th:
Pine Grosbeaks 50+ Leavenworth, intersection of Cherry and Park near
Lion's Club Park

George Gerdts
Bainbrdige Island, WA
geopandion at gmail.com
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