[Tweeters] One Siskin Saved in Wedgwood

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It is never wrong to help another being in trouble, whether the other being
is human or otherwise. Some people say that we should let nature take its
course. However, people are always messing with nature and it is usually to
the detriment. If we can do something good to help offset the bad, then we
should at least try.

Thank you Caryn!

Diane Weinstein, Issaquah

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Hi Tweeters -

We had a Pine Siskin hit a window and then come around and run into the
French doors and land on the deck. I picked her up and held her. She was a
little dazed. One foot looked like it might be paralyzed but as I held her
lightly in my palm I could feel her regaining strength.

She was very calm - I was not holding her tightly. She seemed quite
content - letting me pet her head. I held her in the warming son and soon, I
could feel her body revving up and could even hear a little sound. I
"pished" quietly and she seemed to respond. Pretty soon as I held her near a
branch, she hopped off and disappeared.

There's something magical about holding a bird in your hand. (Funny, I have
been to Bird in Hand, PA a few times!) I hope I wasn't wrong to do this.

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