[Tweeters] Eide evolves & shines - 1/12/15

Barbara Deihl barbdeihl at comcast.net
Tue Jan 13 11:41:39 PST 2015

Eide Rd.'s scenes and scene-stealers are changing, and even for the better, in some ways. More photographers and excited viewers were there yesterday, more than some of us have seen during this owl event so far, with some of us mellowing a bit and finding ways to take the edge off getting too upset if a 'newbie' flushed a bird or moved in too close for the birds' comfort. Yes, I heard that at least one person caused one of the 2 roosting Longears to fly off and not be seen on the road side of the dike again the rest of the day (maybe it was seen on the far side of the dike while the other stayed in the usual area). But I noticed that some regular watchers, instead of barking harshly (we'll leave that to the Short-eared Owls) were enlisting their calmer skills to more gently and effectively, bring things to the attention of what might have previously been deemed 'flagrant violators'.

Sharing stories and information seems to be one helpful mode of encouraging behavioral change and is utilized by several who have been following these owls, some almost daily, for weeks (or years). An example: the word "Stop" called out (emphatically, but not angrily or loudly) to someone who was about to be too close to the perching Longear that was off-roost and out in the open, caused the potential 'bumper' to do just that. Later, the person who was called out to stop, thanked the caller, for making him aware of the owl situation. Effective. Nice. Reasonable. Educational ! The Longear seemed to respond to some of this courtesy by hanging around, in view, for a very long stint. Even the large 'bumper crop' of folks who ran (and drove) down, closing in on the owl during it's 'last stand' of the evening, didn't need serious 'bumper-cop' treatment. All of us can use information and, most importantly, understanding and kindness, to help build bridges between ourselves and others (humans as well as the wildlife) out in nature. OK, Amen !

The fog that socked in the area for awhile yesterday, didn't keep the Shortears, harriers, Roughlegs and Bald Eagles from using the Eide areas and providing us with thrills and photo-ops. Hunters seem to be choosing not to be there much. A Barn Owl made an appearance at the end of the Longear viewing. A muted sunset briefly did its thing as daylight disappeared. A very fine day viewing, 'shooting' and conversing with others (I'll bet there was a little communication going on between the owls and one or more 'owl whisperers, too :-)

Confession - on my way home, it was McDonalds I chose to stop at for a quick and even, quiet (!) bite to eat - another time, I'll try one of the suggested eateries that make up the list I've made up, thanks to some of you Tweets. Another spot was just mentioned (by Pam) -"Dos Reales" for Mexican fare...

My photos (a whole lot and a whole lot better than mine last Friday, thanks to the cooperating Longear and sun):


Make play while the sun is out (after the fog fades away...) :-)

Barb Deihl
Matthews Beach Neighborhood - NE Seattle
barbdeihl at comcast.net

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