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Connie Sidles constancesidles at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 08:57:32 PST 2015

Hey tweets, there is a free event coming up soon that you might be interested in attending. It's a poetry reading and sumi art demonstration by me and my Japanese calligrapher/collaborator, Hiroko Seki. Hiroko and I have just produced a new book of poetry and sumi art about Montlake Fill entitled "Forty-six Views of Montlake Fill." You can see a preview of our book at www.constancypress.com <http://www.constancypress.com/> > publications > Forty-six Views of Montlake Fill.

At the event (Jan. 24 at Uwajimaya, 2-4 p.m.), I will talk about one of the poems in the book and then read it as Hiroko paints a sumi illustration on the spot. We will do this for four or five different poems.

Hiroko is one of the Pacific Northwest's finest sumi artists. Watching her create something out of nothing right before your very eyes is an experience not be to be missed. At least, that is what many of the attendees at our book launch said back in December when we did our first show.

If you'd like me to mail you an e-invitation (showing Hiroko's version of a Belted Kingfisher eyeing a dragonfly on the end of a wispy cattail stem at the Fill), contact me off-line and I would be happy to do so. - Connie, Seattle

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