[Tweeters] Winthrop - 3 dipper , 3 PYGMY owl and a bobcat day!

Maxine Reid baconmf at mail.com
Mon Jan 12 17:17:06 PST 2015

Hi tweets
We skiied near MAZAMA this morning and then drove into winthrop to see what birds
were around in a very foggy ,low vis kind of day.
Along the Methow river were bald eagles,red tailed Hawks and many Ravens.
In the parking lot just west of downtown there were approx.100 Bohemian waxwings
High up in a tall riverside deciduous tree.
Waking across the suspension bridge in east winthrop we saw only 1 dipper.
As well a PYGMY owl was in a tall tree just east of the bridge.
IN THE STP we saw Ravens .mallards and 4 Barrow's goldeneyes.
Driving up toward Pearrygin st.park another PYGMY owl was atop a short ponderosa
Pine right beside the road. Driving into the second part of Pearrygin ,we saw a third
P.owl atop a more distant tree. So 3 Pygmy owls in less then 1 hour and all within about 5miles!!
On the way back near the end of the Pearrygin lake 20 yards from road was a bobcat .
It ran down the hill but was in view for about 15 minutes.
We crossed a small walking suspension bridge in the north side of winthrop
And saw 2more dippers.
Also saw a northern flicker and a few black billed magpies.
We recollected that we have seen 10 northern Pygmy owls in Washington total,
5 in the Methow in the winter.
Cheers , good birding
Maxine Reid

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