[Tweeters] Where did all the creepers go?

Louise Rutter louise.rutter at eelpi.gotdns.org
Mon Jan 12 12:02:59 PST 2015

Is anyone else missing their brown creepers, or is it just me?

We have lived in our current house for 8 years, and we have creeper-suitable
habitat all around. I've never seen them on a daily basis, because they're
small and don't come to the feeders, but every week or two I would glance
out of the window and happen to catch sight of one on a nearby tree.

I was just going over my yard bird list for last year to see what I'm
missing so far for this year, and up pops the brown creeper. And it suddenly
occurred to me that I cannot recall the last time I saw one. It's been many
months, early summer if not before, since I last caught a glimpse of one
winding around the trees in my yard. Has anyone noticed reduced numbers of
creepers generally, or is there a decline in tempting food sources purely
local to me and they just went elsewhere?

Louise Rutter

Juanita, Kirkland

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