[Tweeters] Intergrade Flickers

Kevin Lucas kevinslucas at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 11 08:43:10 PST 2015

I've enjoyed seeing many intergrade flickers here in the Yakima area, especially at locations on the Yakima Greenway such as Poppoff (southern end) and near the Yakima Arboretum. This week I photographed one at our house and another at the arboretum. The arboretum flicker had entirely black malars, a complete red nape chevron, and yellow wing and tail feathers. It had gray, not brown throat & cheeks. I didn't get a flight photo. With as many intergrade flickers as I've seen, it seems that one is bound to appear with all the field marks of a Yellow-shafted Flicker. Has anyone taken or seen photos, from Washington or nearby, of a flicker with ALL the field marks of a Yellow-shafted Flicker? If so, would you point me toward them or send a link?
Thanks & Good Birding,
Kevin Lucas
Selah, WA

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