[Tweeters] Pine Siskins and Malheur / Lower Klamath / Tulelake suggestions & New Years Day!! - / Caryn Wedgwood

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Fri Jan 9 13:41:11 PST 2015

Choosing a place to stay at Malheur depends to a great extent on your time, especially if the area is new to you. The distances are great, the area vast. Diamond Hotel is good for being a central location for the refuge, Frenchglen Hotel good for South end and Steens Mtn, but both need reservations, very popular, and generally the phones may not get answered in the winter, leaving some uncertainty as the trip gets closer. Motels in Burns are average, easy to book, and the best in early spring when the surrounding fields are flooded, but driving to Fields Station kills the day from there. The main attraction to a summer or fall trip is ascending Steens Mtn (road closed in Spring). As Shep noted, birding is easier in spring, but more rarities in fall--if you have the time.

Below is a planning link, also check out Harneybirder.com for other links and a good paper guide map.


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> On Jan 9, 2015, at 10:58 AM, Caryn Schutzler <bluedarner1 at seanet.com> wrote:


> Hi Tweeters - Happy New Year!!


> Had not been seeing Pine Siskins much this year and this morning, every porthole on the feeders had one, chowing down.

> Also many juncos, a lone Townsend's Warbler and other usual visitors.


> Also, would love to have suggestions where to stay near Malheur (Burns/Hines) - I've heard of Silver Spur.


> Caryn /

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