[Tweeters] Eurasian collared doves in washington

Dave Templeton crazydave65 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 07:30:35 PST 2015

there is what certainly appears to be a self-sustaining population of
Eurasian collared doves at crescent lake/the old prison honor farm in
Snohomish county near the border of king county. last week I saw at least
30 individuals there. large groups of the birds have been noted over at
least the past three years.

a couple years ago there was a group of 50-60 individuals on utility wires
near Roslyn in Kittitas county. I don't get over there much lately, so I
don't know if they are still there or not.

one often hears Eurasian collared doves calling in Skagit county,
especially near the wiley slough parking lot.

two years ago there were several sightings of Eurasian collared doves at or
near the safeway parking lot in north bend, east king county, Washington.



dave templeton
fall city, wa


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