[Tweeters] Good O(w)l Times in the Stilly Valley - 1/7/15

Barbara Deihl barbdeihl at comcast.net
Wed Jan 7 21:28:57 PST 2015

Thanks to WSDOT webcam pics, I saw that the fog had been replaced by sun up near Stanwood, so scooted off for a couple-hour high time. Anne first spotted distant Snow Geese and swans, so we stopped along Norman Rd. (actually pulled off onto River Bend Rd) to scope them out. Right where we pulled off the road, a redtail shrieked and she and her darker mate took off after a Bald Eagle that had dared to invade THEIR territory. The 3 of them flew off toward the geese and put them to flight. The loud geese swirled around, but none were taken by a raptor that go-around.

As we continued west, we spotted that dark morph redtail (Harlan's ?) on a line just as you turn onto Marine Dr. I've seen it there for the past few years.

But the best was the last stop, at Eide Rd. We managed to find a space in the full-plus parking area. A substantial gaggle of people were milling around quietly (at least when we were there) over at the longear brambles, waiting for some action. We joined in the wait out in the soggy field and soon, one of the longears emerged from inside the tangle, to perch accommodatingly on a beautiful lichenated branch. Ahhhh :-) Rapid-fire clicks emerged from the cameras, but they were fairly soft sounding. After the owl took off up the road, many of the folks headed home - the light was iffy by then. HOWEVER, those of us who waited a bit saw more action - 2 owls (at least one was a Long-eared), came flying back near the bramble perch area and swooped around a bit before disappearing off to the ...? One did a final reappearance and perched on a sign near the bushes, but only for a few seconds. Not sure if anyone got photos of it or of any of the cool swooping, but it was quite fabulous to see.

So, they are still there, entertaining the troops :-)

My Flickr photos of the Longear posing on the branch and of our earlier finds near Norman Rd. can be viewed at :


Hope you don't miss these special, temporary winter visitors... :-)

Barb Deihl
Matthews Beach Neighborhood - NE Seattle
barbdeihl at comcast.net

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