[Tweeters] Eide Road

Neil and Carleen Zimmerman n3zims at comcast.net
Wed Jan 7 19:52:46 PST 2015

Hello Tweeters,
My wife, my son and I made a short stop at Eide Road this afternoon to take a look for the Short-eared Owls. The was quite a crowd again, shooting (cameras) several Short-eared Owls flying around and one Long-eared Owl. It was in the thicket just past the concrete blocks at the end of the road. The sunny weather was being enjoyed by all. Just as we were leaving, one of the Eastside Audubon group, I think it was Karen, noticed a Great Egret in the grasses west of the parking area.

All this talk of Short-eared and Long-eared reminds me of something that happened years ago. Seattle Audubon used to have an event which I think was called "Bird Brain". There was a panel of experts on birds. This was a "stump the bird experts" show. Steve Dang showed up with two wood dowels mounted on wood bases. One dowel had a small set of ears on it and the other had a larger set of ears. Maybe you can guess where this is going. The experts were stumped. There was an appropriate groan and laughter when Steve revealed the species to be Short-eared and Long-eared Dowels .
I still chuckle to myself when someone mentions a LEOW or SEOW.

Neil Zimmerman
Brier, WA

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