[Tweeters] Eide Road Swamp Sparrow, Norman Road White Throated Sparrow and Water, Water Everywhere

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Wed Jan 7 18:06:09 PST 2015

Today was "Try again to get a picture of a Swamp
Sparrow Day". I saw at least 3 Swamp Sparrows in
2014 and believe I heard another 1 or two but
despite desperately wanting one for my Photo Year,
I never could get a picture. Finally today
following the info in one of Jeff Gibson's posts I
found and photographed one at Eide Road. Not fit
for Nat Geo but it made Washington Life Photo 375
- FINALLY!! Thanks Jeff. As he indicated the
sparrow was out in the area near the first
(easternmost) blind. Also there were two very
active Ruby Crowned Kinglets, a lot of White
Crowned and a few Golden Crowned Sparrows plus
Song Sparrows, Marsh Wrens and 2 Virginia Rails
that paraded in the open momentarily at the edge
of the reeds. Also at Eide road at midday in
addition to MANY photographers, were several Short
Eared Owls, a single Long Eared Owl (now on the
north side of the road), some Harriers, a Rough
Legged Hawk, some eagles, a Red Tail and a Greater

The Eide Road fields are very flooded (more on
that later) and it is very wet going to walk out
into them anywhere. We looked for but did not see
today the Barn Owl that often roosts under the bridge.

The next photo target was a White Throated
Sparrow. I have a poor picture from last year and
wanted an improvement. Carol Riddell reported one
on Norman Road - same area where I believe a
Harris's Sparrow was seen last year and where I
have had a Rusty Blackbird in the past. When I
arrived I almost immediately found a White
Throated Sparrow (White Stripe) in the blackberry
brambles and it then disappeared. Some minutes
later I heard it in shrubs behind the dump and
fortunately it posed on top for a few moments. A
couple of pretty good photos.

The fields are extremely flooded and filled with
waterfowl and gulls. I counted over 50 Trumpeter
Swans, hundreds of various ducks, and at least
several hundred Mew Gulls and somewhat fewer Ring
Bills and Glaucous Winged. Many eagles and hawks
were around as well. There is water across some
roads; some are closed and many fields are
flooded. And it was a gorgeous day.

Blair Bernson

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