[Tweeters] Update (Clark Co.) Kite - yes, Shrike - no, Acorn - yes

Luke Hanes lukeandharmony1997 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 11:02:51 PST 2015

George, Ryan and I saw the Kite this morning between 8:35-8:45am at
It flew in from the west at about 8:35 and landed in the black berry bushes
SE of the parking lot. The best place to watch it was from the entrance
(we were nearly standing on Hwy 14).

I tried the exit at 192nd twice looking for the Shrike but no luck.
Ryan tried too but no luck for him either.

Ryan and I both saw the Acorn Woodpecker at The Academy (off C street
downtown Vancouver) at approximately 10am
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