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Connie Sidles constancesidles at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 06:05:46 PST 2015

Hey tweets, The New Year started off for me before dawn with a Great Blue Heron as FOY. I'll take it. Anything but a crow. As you know, I am down on crows, mostly because they are so smart and they use their smarts to torment other birds for fun. Consciousness grants choice, and I don't like crows' choices.

I will admit, though, that recently I have improved my attitude. This is largely due to Bruce Springsteen. I've become enamored of his song "My Beautiful Reward." In one rendition, as he sings the last verse, he spreads out his arms and extends his fingers like primary feathers while he sings, "Tonight I can feel the cold wind at my back. I'm flyin' high over gray fields, my feathers long and black. Down along the river's silent edge I soar, searching for my beautiful reward. Searching for my beautiful reward."

The image he creates of himself as bird echoes in my soul. I too, like the black-feathered crows, am searching for my beautiful reward. Like them, I do not ask for much: a stale french fry or two, a bit of tailgate-party hot dog. You know, the little things that make you happy.

I find such happiness every day at the Fill. Yesterday, for example, I was thrilled by the simple bagpipe song of returning Red-winged Blackbirds, who floated like black parachutes from one stand of cattails to another as they sang their courtship concertos. A PURPLE FINCH foraged in the brambles at the south end of Main Pond, in company with American Goldfinches and House Finches. Lincoln's Sparrows were everywhere. A lone REDHEAD drifted slowly past East Point, while a feeding flock of kinglets and chickadees foraged in the trees above. In the distance Rainier reigned like the eternal monarch of the mountains. Soaking up the winter sun surrounded by such celestial beauty, I found my beautiful reward.

Here is a twitter poem for you today:

I walked amid the clouds today,
fog curling around fir trees
and my knees
like pearlescent ribbon.
Nature's misty gift of the season. - Connie, Seattle

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