[Tweeters] Cassin's Auklet, Ancient Murrelet Gardiner Beach

John Gatchet jfgatchet at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 18:30:19 PST 2015

After this mornings storm the water on Discovery Bay got very calm and I
was able to observe birds more easily. From my yard I saw a lone CASSIN'S
AUKLET. This bird moved from down the bay and headed out to the mouth of
Discovery Bay quite rapidly. The bird was continually diving and swimming
on a course to take it out of the bay. It was feeding constantly. I
observed it closely for several minutes and upon reaching the surface after
a dive it was down again in two to three seconds. It stayed down for about
7 seconds before coming to the surface.

Three ANCIENT MURRELET were flying about on the bay and they were actively
feeding as well. I got several good looks at them on the water. There were
at least 14 MARBLED MURRELET as well and 100's of COMMON MURRE. I got good
looks at a number of dark-head murre and they were all Common.

John F. Gatchet
Gardiner, WA
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