[Tweeters] Wilson's Warbler

Sarah Eskenazi seskenazi2 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 12:48:06 PST 2015

I can't believe that I have a 1st year Wilson's Warbler in my backyard! Please help me figure out if this is true! It is bright yellow overall, no streaking on breast, black eye, orange legs and feet, soft gray cap and upper body. I had thought it a Ruby-crowned Kinglet from its size, but I've never seen a kinglet eating on the ground. It has visited for the past three days normally in the morning along with the usual suspects. It stays on the ground in the uncut grass and brown leaves hopping up and down very quickly looking for food. It also has climbed (hopped) the sides of the wooden garden beds. Seems to be eating seeds and insects (?). It is very active and hard to get a picture. Any ideas or advice on identification?
Sarah in Edmonds

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