[Tweeters] Sikes Lake eagle tally

Debra Lewis goofyone at msn.com
Sun Jan 4 14:33:23 PST 2015

Hi All

This afternoon's raptor tally:

Bald eagle 6 or so (various ages)
Golden eagles 2 together
Red tail hawks 4 or 5
Cooper hawk 1

Both goldens were together on the bank of the lake with a bald eagle. I suspect they were probable having a squabble over a kill but the bald eagle left the two goldens to figure it out. It's not like there is any shortage of ducks in the area. Taking pictures today of a eagle in flight leaves a little to be desired. But here's one of the goldens perched:


Stay dry
D. Lewis
North Bend, WA
goofyone at msn.com

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