[Tweeters] Boreal Chickadee in Seattle?

Timothy Gerla tim at gerla.net
Sat Jan 3 15:53:43 PST 2015

Hello tweeters,

I am wondering what the likelihood of a Boreal Chickadee in Seattle? I was
near 85th and Aurora today at 3PM and I heard a chickadee with an unusual
tone and listened closer and I heard several "chicka dee" calls with
clearly only one "dee". Sibley says the Boreal is the only chickadee that
vocalizes a single "dee", but there are no eBird reports of the bird and I
can't find any other reference to the song difference.

I tried to get a better look but the bird flew further into the yard and I
didn't have my binos with me.

Worth going back for a closer look?

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