[Tweeters] White Throated Sparrow

Al aclark at wamail.net
Fri Jan 2 23:10:38 PST 2015

Our CBC leader said, “if you find a large group of Golden-Crowned Sparrows, just look for a White Throated”. Well he was correct. We found 30 Golden-Crowns, with at least 2 White Throated at a bird feeder at the end of Easterday Rd, just a few feet from I-5, north of Nisqually NWR. Take the Mounts Rd exit at south end of JBLM, go past the golf course, take the first left onto Easterday.

Dark area, 1/15 sec, 400mm, hand-held makes for blurry pictures-find mine at


Al in Tacoma
alndonna at wamail.net

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